HoFoNa Day

We are excited to announce the HoFoNa Day 2023 on 13th September, a network meeting of emerging higher education scholars, taking place on September 13th after the annual GfHf conference in Osnabrück. This event aims to bring together researchers to collaborate, network and exchange ideas.

The HoFoNa Day 2023 offers a variety of engaging activities, including a members’ meeting, a dialogue forum, and workshops. There will the opportunity to participate in lively discussions, network with your peers, and gain valuable insights from our invited guests.

Whether you’re an experienced researcher or just starting with your PhD or are a student interested in pursuing a career in academia – you are welcome to join us.

Please find below the HoFoNa Day schedule:

08.30 – 09.00Welcome with coffee & finger food
09.00 – 09.15Welcome by HoFoNa board
09.15 – 10.15Dialogue forum: Career path after the doctorate – Prof. Dr. Frank Ziegele
10.15 – 10.20Coffee break
10.20 – 12.00Workshop 1: Quantitative Methods – Ulrike Schwabe (in German)
Workshop 2: Systematic Literature Review – Dr. Christina Haas (in English)
12.00 – 12.45Lunch
12.45 – 13.20HoFoNa members‘ meeting
board election, activity reports, future outlook
13.20 – 13.30Coffee break
13.30 – 15.00Workshop 3: Qualitative Methods – Dr. Stephanie Beyer (in German)
Workshop 4: How to navigate the review process? – tba (in English)
15.00 – 15:30Farewell

More information will follow soon.

HoFoNa Forum of Ideas

The Forum of Ideas is organized by the German network of emerging higher education scholars (HoFoNa) and an integral part of the annual conference (https://gfhf2023.che.de/en) of the Society for Higher Education Research (GfHf). It offers emerging scholars the opportunity to present their research projects at the GfHf annual conference and to exchange ideas with and receive feedback from other scholars. This year, the Forum of Ideas will take place on 12th of September 2023 in Osnabrück, Germany.

The HoFoNa Forum of Ideas provides a platform to present and discuss PhD-projects at different stages. Emerging scholars can either present finished projects as well as first ideas or conceptual elements of their research and related (for example, methodological) questions.

This year we offer two formats at the HoFoNa Forum of Ideas:

  • Paper presentation: Here you present your research projects and research ideas. As presenter, you will have 30 minutes including discussion with the scientific community. You can use this time however you see fit. Allow enough time for discussion – at least 10 minutes.
  • Poster: Here you can present your research project/thesis as a poster and you have the opportunity to exchange ideas with the university research community during the GfHf Annual conference. The posters should be printed in the format A0 (84 x 119 cm; movable boards are provided).

If you are interested in presenting a paper the HoFoNa Forum of Ideas at the GfHf Annual conference or presenting a poster, send us an abstract with the title and a short description of your research work/project to hofona@gfhf.net (300 – 500 words, PDF document). Application deadline is 1st June 2023.

If you have any questions, you are warmly welcome to contact the HoFoNa board at any time. We are very much looking forward to receiving your contributions and seeing you in Osnabrück!